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About me

Site still work in progress.

Open source and privacy advocate. The main reason I blog is to learn about things I am interested in. Besides that I find it really important to share knowledge, so I try my best to do so.

No tracking. No Javascript. No promotions. No affiliate links. No third party connections.


There are multiple ways to contact me. Feel free to reach out.

E-mail - hellofoo@cancfooookrice.cfooom

Public inbox - ~rifooce/ (Just send a plain text e-mail)

Twitter - @CanCookRice

Mastodon/ Fediverse - @R10T on

Stay in touch

Social media

Please see above. I only use Twitter and Mastodon. What I share: Updates, opinions, blog posts and things I found on the internet. I am currently taking a break from social media tho.

Blog + RSS

Visit the blog or watch the RSS feed for new blog posts.

Series: Weekly

Still work in progress weekly updates about new blog posts and my progress of various projects

Mailing list

Subscribe my sending an e-mail to: ~rice/

Unsubscribe: ~rice/


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