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The Beginning

So, here we are.

Why did I create this blog?

I think it would be really beneficial for me in multiple ways. I form a habit of writing, improve my English and I can share knowledge I gain over time. This blog is still 'work in progress' and yet I am publishing content. I mean, my inner perfectionist is screaming, but I think you have to start at some point and we all know - no blog will ever be perfect.

I am currently using Hugo - a static site generator written in Go - to create this blog. The following 'properties' are really important to me: must work without JS, RSS Reader, responsive, minimalistic and clean design.

The Challenge

100DaysOfBlog / 100DaysToOffload

Yesterday Kev Quirk shared an idea of a writing challenge similar to the popular #100DaysOfCode-challenge.


On paper this challenge is fairly simple: publish something everyday for the next 100 days. I think this challenge is a great opportunity for me to form a habit of writing, work on my workflow and improve my writing skills. So, for the next 100 days I am going to publish 1 blog post a day.

Thank you for the idea!

What can you expect?

To be frank with you, I am not sure yet. I will focus on tech related topics like general tech, infosec, OSINT, open source, linux, coding and so on. I have a lot of ideas for various formats, series and blog posts, but yet I am not sure whether I can realize them.


I am really excited to start this blog and I hope to learn a lot. If you want to share your feedback, have questions or just want to reach out, feel free to contact me via Twitter or Mastodon.

Have a nice day!