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ToDo List for

I was about to write about another topic, but I rather take more time for this topic. For now I want to give you a small teaser about things I currently work on.

RSS/ Atom feed

This theme seems to support it but I am not so happy with the format and I think I have to work on this one. In my opinion an RSS/ Atom feed is a must-have feature for every blog. I am going to write about this in a separate blog post.

Logo for

I feel that every blog or project needs to have a logo. I've got some ideas, but I don't want to rush it. Feel free to reach out, if you have some logo ideas for me. I would appreciate it.

Organization of my content

I don't like to store my content only in blog posts, so I am working on a docs section in which I keep various topics up to date. I haven't decided yet if I host a separate homepage for the docs or if I find another way to present my docs.

For many reasons I am going to mirror the docs with a git repo. With a git repo mirror multiple people can conveniently work together, helps me to improve my workflow, and provides some kind of changelog.


The blog is fairly new and I have to become familiar with the routines, but I already see potential to automate a lot of things. Backups, bringing the blog post online, sharing the post on social media, and so on. Time will show how much time I can save by improving my workflow.

Blog post thumbnails

The plan is to create a unique thumbnail for every post. It is an additional challenge, but I have to improve my media design game again, so it is a great chance to warm up again.

Work with categories and tags

I have to figure out if my current them provides decent support for categories and tags. I actually might have to change the theme or code it myself, but I am not sure yet. I am going to use categories for various formats or series like tutorials or experiments and tags for the topic I write about.


I have a lot of work to do, but happy that my blog is already online. As I have mentioned in a blog post before that my inner perfectionist is screaming, I think that this was the correct decision to create content before 'everything is perfect'.

If you want to share your feedback, questions, or just want to reach out, feel free to contact me via Twitter or Mastodon.